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1. What is RikeLuxxbeats.com 2016-11-15T15:23:25+00:00

RikeLuxxBeats.com is a Musical Platform where you can Buy Beats/Instrumentals Online
Company Founded by Riké Luxx
Not only Rap Intrumentals, you can also Download Electro Beats, Pop Beats and more
Visit and Browse my Beats Catalog in the Beats Store Section
I provide 4 types of lisences answering all your Needs
Once you have Selected and Pay your Beat(s), You will Receive a PDF Contract/Invoice
On your Email address (Provide by Your Paypal Account )
I  Commit to Provide you with only the best Beats/Instrumentals
you Need to Enhance your Music Productions .
Because I am involved in Music business, I would be delighted to listen to your Final Songs/Tracks for Review/Advice
We are ready to Present Your songs/Tracks in our Blog Section «Coup de Coeur»
From Independent Artists to Majors, I Guarantee the Highest Quality for Every Beats

2. How can I pay for a Beat/Instrumental ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

I exclusively Receive Payment from Paypal
You can purchase Beat(s) with your Credit/Debit Card or Funds on your Paypal Account,
Add Selected Beat(s) though Beats Player, you will be re-directed to Paypal Payment page
Log/Connect to your Paypal Account and Proceed to the payment
You will receive immediatly your RikeLuxxBeats.com File containing your Beat(s)

3. What does a Purchase Includes ? 2014-09-27T02:13:12+00:00

Here is what you will receive When you Purchase Beat(s)/Instrumental(s):
– Each License includes a Mixed Stereo File of Selected Beat(s).
– A File with Beat(s)/Instrumental(s) in .Mp3 or .Wav format
– Individual Track-Outs Session (Only for Track-Outs License and Exclusive Rights)
– A PDF Contract/Invoice-Receipt Recapitulating your Rights of Ownership
Files are Download Links (Direct to Email or via File-Hosting Services)
Instant Delivery to your Email Address (Provided by Paypal)
IMPORTANT – I Do Not Send Any Physical Data-Discs –

4. How can I Buy a Beat/Instrumental ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

Follow these 4 Instructions to Buy Beat(s)/Instrumental(s)
1. Choose any Beat(s) through our Beats Store & Click the +ADD Button
2. Select the Beat License & Click the Buy Now Button
3. You will be Re-directed to Paypal for Payment (Via Paypal Account or Use Credit Card)
4. Your Files will be Directly Delivered to your Email Address (Provided by Paypal)
Instantly after Payment you can Download Selected Beat(s) according to your Selected License
Contact Me, if you need more Informations.

5. What if I want a Custom-Beat only for me ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

Please Contact Me.
We Need to Discuss all Aspects via Email or Skype Live Chat

6. How do I Receive my Beat/Instrumental after Purchase a License ? 2014-09-27T02:15:33+00:00

Once you have Completed your Payment Via Paypal
All Files will be Delivered Instantly to your Email Address (provided by Paypal).
Your Email from RikeLuxxBeats.com will contain:
Mixed Stereo Beat(s)/Instrumental(s) in MP3 or .Wav format
(16 bit or Mp3-320 kbit/s Superior Quality)

7. I Need Assistance after my Purchase, What can I Do ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

Please Contact Me
Depending on your demand, I can either answer by Email or Organise A Schedule for a Skype Live Chat Discussion

8. What are Basic License ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

Also known as Non-Exclusive Rights
Purchasing a Basic License limits your Rights to Selected Beat(s)
This Basic License Grants you a Permition to Sell up to 2500 Units
If your Sales Point is Reached, Please Contact Me to Obtain New Sale Capacity
Profitable Video / No TV / No Radio-Airplay are Not Allowed!
You can Not Use Selected Beat(s) for Profitable Shows!
A Basic License includes Beat(s) File Stereo Mixed (Audio Tag / Mp3 – 320 k/bits Format)
A PDF Contract/Invoice-Receipt
Deliveries will be Automatically Sent within Seconds after Payment via Paypal
You will receive your File on your Email Address (provided by Paypal)
Files are Download Links (Direct to your Email or via File-Hosting Services)

9. What are Premium License ? 2016-11-15T15:23:26+00:00

Also Call Non-Exclusive Rights
With A Premium License increase your Rights to the Selected Beat(s)
Your can Sell up to 5000 Units
You Must Contact Me once you have Reached you Sales Threshold.
We do not Allow you to get Profitable Videos / TV &  Radio-Airplays !
You May Use Selected Beat(s) for One Profitable Show !
Credit must always be given to ‘Riké Luxx
Premium License are Instantly Delivered to your Email Address (provided by Paypal)
It contains : Beat(s) File Stereo Mixed (Untagged / .Wav -16 bits Format)
A PDF Contract/Invoice-Receipt
Once Payment via Paypal is Complete, Delivery will be Instantly Send within Seconds
Files are Download Links (Direct to your Email or via File-Hosting Services)

10. What are Track-Outs Licenses 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

Also Name Non-Exclusive Rights
Track-Outs Licenses Permits you to Make your Sales Jump to 10.000 Units.
I Must Definitely Hear from you once, your Selling threshold has Reached its Maximum !
We do not Authorize you to get Profitable Videos / TV &  Radio-Airplays !
You are Allowed to Perform Selected Beat(s) on One Commercial/profitable Show
Credit must always be given to ‘Riké Luxx
You will receive Individuals Track-Outs Session Files of Selected Beat(s)
In order to Guarantee Rapid Delivery, I am using File-Hosting Service, to sent Track-Outs Download Links to your Email Address (provided by Paypal)
Track-Outs Licenses Comes as : Beat(s) File Stereo Mixed (Tag Free / .Wav -16 bits Format)
Individual Track-Outs Session
A PDF Contract/Invoice-Receipt
Once you have Proceeded to the Payment via Paypal, Immediate Delivery will be Assured
Files are Download Links (Direct to your Email or via File-Hosting Services)

11. What are Exclusive Rights ? 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

Exclusive Rights Guarantee UNLIMITED Sales !
There is No Sales Limits or Threshold Related to Exclusive Rights
Audio Tag will be removed when Exclusive Rights will be Purchased
Receive 100% permition for Artistic Profitable Videos / TV &  Radio-Airplays !
Final Decison Belongs to You when it comes to Use Selected Beat(s) on Any Commercial/Profitable Public Performance
I (Riké Luxx) keep 100% Copyright & Ownership of the Original Instrumental Composition
Credit must always be given to ‘Riké Luxx
Exclusive Rights will come as :
Beat(s) File Stereo Mixed (Audio Tag Removed / .Wav -16 bits Format)
Individual Track-Outs Session
Downloadable Links from File-Hosting Service are used to send Individuals Track-Outs to your Email Address (provided by Paypal)
A PDF Contract/Invoice Enumerating your Rights on Selected Beat(s)
After Payment Transaction via Paypal, Files will be Automatically Transfer
Files are Download Links (Direct to your Email or via File-Hosting Services)
Beat(s) sold as Exclusive Rights are No longer Available for any kind of Leasing or Sale.
Previous Leasing Rights that have been Sold before, are Still Valid until the Sales Threshold has been Reached
Keep in Mind : Beat(s)/Instrumental(s) could be Licensed before Exclusive Rights are Sold.
Once payment is confirmed, Selected Beat(s)/Instrumental(s) will be Removed from Website
I will be pleased to hear your final song and give you Advice or Review
In Bonus, I offer you the opportunity to be Interviewed and to get a Full Article on RikeLuxxBeats.com’s Blog

12. I have Bought a License, Someone Else Buy Exclusive Rights…What happens ? 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

When I sell an Exclusive Rights to Selected Beat(s), it Will Not Affect Previous License
As long as you Respect your License Agreement* (#Number of Sales, Terms about Profitable Show and TV / Radio Airplay)
*You have received a License Agreements PDF when you have Purchased Beat(s)

13. What Am I Allow to do, Once I have purchase Beat(s) ? 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

Once you have purchase Exclusive Rights to a Selected Beat,
You must Contact Me if you have any Doubt about on following Request ;
Can I Alter/Cut the Beat ?
I shall be the only One to Approve the execution of the Changes to the Beat(s) as Cuts, Length, Mixing, Addition or Retreat of sounds and more,
Don’t forget to get my Approval ! Contact Me

14. What if Someone Violate RikeLuxxBeats.com Terms ? 2014-09-27T02:22:20+00:00

If you Do Not have Purchased any Licence for Beat(s) from RikeLuxxBeats.com,
Be that convinced that I Shall Commit Legal Action Against You
Legal Domicile is Paris/France (EU)
Copyrights, Intellectual Property, Author Rights, Publishing Rights are Involved

15. What if I want a Feedback, Review, Advises on my Track ? 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

I’m really interested in listening to your Finished Tracks/Songs !
I offer you the opportunity to Appear in my Blog Page, Do not Hesitate and Send Me your Finalized Songs/Tracks.
I will Select the Best One, Get in Touch, Realise an Interview and Write an Article about You & Your Music !
I  Pay Attention to all Feedback, Review and Advice Requests
Please Allow Me Time to get Back at You, since I Receive Large Amount of Songs/Tracks and other Requests Daily
Submit your Songs/Tracks Using a Download Link via a File-Hosting Service

16. I have Other Questions 2016-11-15T15:23:27+00:00

Please read full my Licences Agreements & more page before making a Purchase or Contact Me
– Send Me your Inquiries via the Contact Page
– I willl be please to Answer you within 24-72 hours
– I can schedule a Skype Live Chat for Specific Demands
– Direct Messages (DM) on Twitter @rikeluxxbeats are Welcome
– Facebook Private Message are Encourage Too
– Check my Availbility on Skype « skype/rikeluxxbeats.com »