About Rike Luxx

Before being a Music Producer, I began in Music Industry as an Artist « Rike Luxx ». I spent numerous nights with Sound Engineers, Artists, Songwriters, Beatmakers, A&R. Sometimes someone explained to me what were these machines around us. I was ready to become an Artist without knowing this Art would become my passion. This experience, has sharpened my Artistic Vision. I have realised I would never go out of this world. My main insterest became Music Productions. I became an expert, as I evolve around this musical universe, « Rike Luxx Beats » touch was growing. Working with tons of Artists and still continue to work with New ones, decided me to create my own company. Rike Luxx Beats Recording Studio in Paris, enabling Majors and Independent Artists to listen to Rike Luxx Beats with High Quality. Additionally, I control and oversees Recording Sessions. Some say Rike Luxx Beats is the interface between the Artistic and Technical Aspects of a Musical Creation. Besides producing and running a Recording Studio, I have developped RikeLuxxBeats.com Website. A spot where anyone can Buy Beats & Instrumentals Online and Receive Great Services as I always provide for Artists. Throughout my Artistic Career & My Online Website, I am constantly ensuring every Beats, Vocals, Tracks in Music Production, results in Highest Quality Sound. My Artistic Life is dedicated to Create Beats & Instrumentals, Produce Songs which guarrantee Musical Success


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