How to Buy Beats from RikeLuxxBeats.com ?

Just Follow the Steps :

First, it is very simple to buy beat. Just simply select your Beats on the BEAT STORE.

Then, just click the +ADD-button next to beats on the player.

Second, you have to choose one of the licenses types offered.

Because we want you to enjoy current discount, do not forget to click on «BULK DEAL» tab when you are at the checkout page ! « Buy 1 Beat Get 1 Beat Free » is available now !

Once you have selected the instrumental of your choice, you can complete your order via PayPal or use any major credit/debit card; You just ave to click on the « Pay via Paypal or credit card button »

As a result, your beats files will be sent instantly right after payment, on the email address you have provided at checkout.

Make sure to check your SPAM-folder as well !

Licence Overview

Please find here a recap of all Licenses available at www.rikeluxxbeats.com


BASIC LICENCE : Basic Leasing rights includes a mix version of the beat in Mp3-format

PREMIUM LICENCE : Premium Leasing rights includes a mix version of the beat in Wav-format
TRACK OUTS LICENCE : Track Outs Leasing includes seperate multitracks of the beat (stems) in wav-format for advanced mixing.

UNLIMITED LICENCE : Unlimited Leasing right includes untagged beat as a wav-file & mp3-file separate trackouts of the beat(s) in wav-format

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS LICENCE : Once a beat is sold under exclusive right licence, the beat is no longer available for sale and you become the only owner to the beat. Keep in mind, that it may be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it has been sold exclusively.

Exclusive Beats guarantee you Artistic & Commercial Rights.

Please CONTACT ME for price inquiries (serious query only)

The purchase of exclusive rights licence grants you No Sales Cap related to the beat selected.

An exclusive rights purchase comes as a mixed untagged WAV-format file, a mixed untagges Mp3-file and the corresponding separate trackouts in WAV-format file (also known as stems) along with a license agreement, stating the rights of use, plus an invoice receipt which details beat purchase.

Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for any sort of future sale/licensing.

Previous leasing rights being sold before the beat has been sold exclusively are not affected hereby and stay valid until the sales cap has been reached.

License owners of non-exclusive rights may upgrade their current non-exclusive license to buy an exclusive right  licence (if available).

In conclusion, keep in mind that it is therefore possible that a beat has been leased several times before exclusive rights are sold.


Current offer now is available for all type of Non-Exclusive Licenses*:

– First option – BUY 1 Beat, RECEIVE 1 Beat FREE

– Second option – BUY 2 Beats, RECEIVE  2 Beats FREE

– Third option – BUY 3 Beats, RECEIVE 3 Beats FREE

To apply discounts, select 2 beats, add them on cart, discount will apply automatically !

If you want to buy Exclusive Rights Licence for a Beats (Exclusive Rights) CONTACT ME

* Exclusive rights licenses are exclude !

First, did you check your SPAM box ?

If you did not receive your download beats file within an hour, the first thing you must do is Check your SPAM folder !

If it’s not in there, email-me your Order Number and I’ll send your beat directly on the email provided.

Please allow me up to 24h to answer as I receive a large amount of email.


When you buy beats from RikeLuxxBeats website,  depending on selected licence, your download beat file includes :

– Untagged beat on MP3-format, WAV-format, all separated Trackouts (stems)

– License agreement stating your rights to the beat

– Payment details (Paypal Payment invoice)

You will receive beat files instantly after payment to your email-address (provided at checkout step).

We do not send any parcels or physical-data-discs.


You still have questions, No Worries …

If you have other quesries, please do not hesistate to CONTACT ME directly.

Your questions will be answered within 24-48 h.

For specific demands (Beat Collab, Mix, Mastering) Please specify your demand on your email topic.

Also, you can contact me via Social media Direct Messages (DM) on

In conclusion, If you need further information, use Contact Me formularon or click HERE 



All Rike Luxx Beats beats-instrumentals are registered with a Content-ID program that automatically scans YouTube and other streaming plateforms for audio material produced by Rike Luxx (RikeLuxxBeats) and automatically sends a copyright claim.

The main purpose is to stop people from stealing beats and using/monetizing them in videos without owning licenses

This claim will NOT harm your channel or video, nor does it force you to take down the video(s), the only thing it does, is disable the monetization option temporarily. Your video will keep playing without any other limitations.

If you own a license, please send me the link(s) to your video(s) with order number via e-mail

The claim will be remove within 48h, monetization re-activate and your link(s) will be add on rikeluxxbeats content-ID whitelist.

For further details, please Contact Me

This excludes tagged beats free downloads ; If you do not own a license and have used a beats tagged (free download) just ignore this notification.

Keep in mind that You are NOT allowed to re-sell the beat(s) or transfer your license-rights to the beat(s) to a third person. Plus, if you Do Not have Purchased a licence for Beats from RikeLuxxBeats.com, be convinced that Commit Legal Action for copyright-infringement will be engage against you as Copyrights, Intellectual Property, Author Rights, Publishing Rights are Involved.


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